Hi, there

I'm Pia, a 3D character animator/graphic designer and and you're now browsing my professional portfolio.
Here you can find some nice pieces of animations, illustrations, and graphic design.



Animation Reel 2013

Pia Manzur Animation Reel 2013 from pia manzur on Vimeo.


Exercise with Val Font

Artist Alex June ask me to design a cover art for her new album "Big Bang". Playing around with Val font, one of the proposals I end up with, was this one. Check and download Val Font for free on Behance.


Funkhaus Grünau - Karneval der Kulturen 2013 from pia manzur on Vimeo.

My first time in Berlin´s Carnival of Cultures... got the awesome chance to be up in a float, take pics + videos and enjoy! Thanks to my dear Christian Weber and Funkhaus Grünau! See some pics: here.


Catrina 2.0

My talented  friend Michael Röder, recently came up with the idea of making a Catrina photo session, so as he had seen my profile pic earlier,  asked me to paint my face once more and  pose. But this time with awesome photographic talent and great resources. The result was this beautiful thoroughly worked picture + a funny afternoon, a toilette full of white make up, and awesome cake done by Caro, his girl. Here you can check this job and others by Michael. Thanks amigo!


Happy Jane from pia manzur on Vimeo.

Happy Jane, an excercise for Jacob Gardner´s WS5.


Progress Reel WS4 iAnimate

Progress Reel iAnimate WS4 from pia manzur on Vimeo.

So... another awesome workshop done!
This time I learned a lot of Lip-sync animation and Facial Acting.
Since I was able to choose whatever I want as a dialogue reference, (something hardly ever happens during the production of feature animation films), for the first shot I used a dialogue taken from one of my fav series, "Breaking Bad".
The Second one was a very difficult choice, a lot of body movement, super expressive voice and acting, but I learned a huge amount of things and had soooo much fun! Thanxs to my amazing instructor Luke Randall, incredible teacher and coolest person!


Parkour Animation Excercise

You can check Jackie Chan´s reference I used and other excercises done during iAnimate Workshops, here.

Progress Reel WS2 iAnimate


Female Walk Cycle

I wanted to try a human walk, and also refresh a bit my 3D skills. Took some pics of girls, drew a lot of live models, and later on modeled and rigged it in Maya. The result was this walk cycle. This was my first human model and rig. Still have to work on the stiffness, specially on shoulders. You can download the rig here.


Progress Reel Workshop 1 Ianimate

So, this is my progress reel, the result of 12 weeks full of animation learning, cool people and instructors that are blowing my mind. Love it! Pure awesomeness around Ianimate. Thanxs to everybody!

Pia Manzur - Progress Reel - Workshop1 from pia manzur on Vimeo.


Weight lift animation excercise

Animation excercise, by Pia Manzur

Once Upon A Time in the West

Storyboard excercise I did for the opening scene of "Once Upon A Time in the West", a 1968 Italian epic spaghetti western film, directed by Sergio Leone. Took the characters and change a bit the story.


This was my first short movie. I did it as a project for an animation Master at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. It´s about a robot with an identity crisis. He feels he doesn´t fit into any kind of social group so tries to look for a space for him, a group which he can merge with, and a place where he can feel ok.
I worked on character design, modeling, texturing, animation, integrating 3D with real image and editing the movie. Really big fun! Music by the talented Luis Munita.


Juan Pleièr