Robotito, Scan for Life
Short movie about a very confused and obsolete robot that tries to convince himself that he is as normal as any human being. He's desperately searching for his own identity and he merges into different kind of social communities to find it. Works as a business men, merges with punkies and learns breakdance from streetdancers. He finally finds the answer to all his doubts, just by being himself, behaving as a robot. See some pics or watch the short movie here.
Although the short movie was kind of difficult to make as I completed it by multitasking, I enjoyed and learned very much doing the writing, producing, 3D modeling, texturing and animating using Maya. I also did the musical score with the help of a very good friend. That was definitely the most interesting and funniest task to do, and I was very satisfied with the results.
Here's a video of the credits, where you can listen to the music and see Tito dancing:)

Takeshi Namco, The sychogamer boy

(Anna Plocica, Lamisse Khairat, Caro Loor, Pia Manzur)
Takeshi is an obsessive little gameplayer, who has a discussion with the tv plug and is pulled into the tv set. He enters a virtual world, and ends up realizing that has always been in a loop of fiction and reality. To make this short movie, we built a wooden puppet with several joints, that later we animated using stop motion technique. For visual effects I used Photoshop and Combustion. The music is by Hong Kong Counterfeit.

Mediodia, by Matorral
This is a videoclip we did on 2004 with director Rodrigo Santoro, for
the guys from Matorral, a chilean rock band, and their song "Mediodia".

Once Upon A Time in the West

Storyboard excercise I did for the opening scene of "Once Upon A Time in the West", a 1968 Italian epic spaghetti western film, directed by Sergio Leone. Took the characters and change a bit the story.

Weight lift animation excercise

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