About me

I´m a graphic designer passionated for giving life and personality to my designs, by animating and creating universes where they can tell their own story.
Studying Graphic Design gave me the technic and tools for conceptualizing and communicating ideas.
Later on, working for big companies in many different areas (illustration, multimedia, web, editorial design) gave me the experience of working with big teams, the hability of solving issues fast, and made me observant, analytical and thorough.
But what really made my creativity grow and flow, was start thinking “in motion”.
I began translating my designs, from static to motion language by experimenting with Macromedia Flash.
After doing that excercise I knew animation was my whole passion and had become my way of communicating ideas and telling stories.

I'm good in many fields, and in each project I try to focus on the main idea of the client, conceptualize it and develope it, to release a high quality product, with a clear message and visually attractive.
I have strong drawing and illustration skills specially designing characters. Also I´m good at color management, photography, composition and audiovisual edition.
I like working on projects that require maximum thoroughness, I´m observant and analytical.

If you would like to work with me, send me an e-mail to
References available on request.
You can also download my resume here

Thank you.

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