Happy Jane
Happy Jane from pia manzur on Vimeo.
An excercise for Jacob Gardner´s WS5.  

George is not in Danger
Not in Danger from pia manzur on Vimeo.

Parkour Excercise. SkyScraper

Parkour Reference, inspired on Mr. Jackie Chan

Progress Reel Workshop 2 iAnimate

Weight Excercise. Jane picking up FatSky.

Sneak Excercise. Little Jose 

Sneak Reference

Workshop 2, here we go!
Pace Excercise. Lucy

Pace Reference

Trip Reference

Progress Reel Workshop 1 iAnimate
Password: iA
So, this is my progress reel, the result of 12 weeks full of animation learning, cool people and instructors that are blowing my mind. Love it! Pure awesomeness around Ianimate. Thanxs to everybody!

Little Jose Walk Cycle
Password: iA

Female Walk Cycle

I wanted to try a human walk, and also refresh a bit my 3D skills. Took some pics of girls, drew a lot of live models, and later on modeled and rigged it in Maya.The result was this walk cycle. This was my first human model and rig.

Tots in Love

Tots Jump


Different Weighted Balls

Bouncing Ball Across the Screen

Bouncing Ball

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